Custom made, replacement parts or even small production runs.
Personalized prints for companies and individuals. Unparalleled flexibility, versatility and cost-effectiveness.

Advantages of 3D prints by Modelleur VDEijk

If you have a 3D model printed by us, you don't have to worry about the correct settings. Our experts have the necessary knowledge to take care of this for you down to the last detail.

Custom 3D printing gives companies unparalleled manufacturing flexibility and versatility.

In addition, you do not have to buy an expensive 3D printer yourself, or find out which supplier supplies the right material. You also benefit from a fast delivery time with us.
Depending on the order, we try to ensure that you receive your product within 5 working days.

Print files 

A 3D printer needs a print file to be able to print.

You send us a 3D model that you want to print. This can be a model that you or someone else has designed or downloaded for you. We prefer to work with models in the STL format. But for other formats we may also be able to come to a solution in consultation.

Don't have a print file? Or do you have an object that you want to have imitated? Then you can also contact us!
As an extra service we also offer the possibility to copy objects in CAD software. We can then 3D print these 3D drawings. Do you have a question about this, or do you want to have an object replicated? Contact us by phone or email for more information.

Small serie productions

Save time and money on small lots for one-off orders or low-risk first runs before moving to full production.

Replacement parts

Bypass procurement processes through suppliers for spare parts and deliver 3D printed parts to your customers.

Request a quote immediately (without obligation)

If you're not quite sure what you want, we're happy to help. The most important things we want to know are listed below.
If you are unable to resolve this, we will gladly explain this to you by telephone or email.

  • The number of products you want printed.
  • In what quality you would like to receive the print. Would you like the print as a "draft" or do you want a perfectly printed copy. The "draft" prints may be better for first prototypes where perfect printing is better for a final print
  • One or more STL's of the file(s) you want printed.
  • (optional) A brief explanation of how Your product should be used. This may allow our experts to provide better feedback on the printability of the product.
  • (Optional) The desired delivery date
    We would like to receive all answers to the points mentioned above by e-mail.